• Be respectful to the broadcaster, mods, and viewers.
  • Chat is no longer required to be PG. Rahhzay will continue to censor herself (unless otherwise stated ahead of time).
  • The games played on stream may not always be family-friendly. Please proceed with caution if you see Rahhzay playing a game that you're unfamiliar with. It is up to the parents' discretion whether or not a game is suitable for their child to watch.
  • Keep all chat to English, please.
  • Do not spam emotes, caps, or post links in chat. Please ask permission from Rahhzay or a mod before posting any links. Regulars and Twitch Subscribers bypass this restriction.
  • Do not promote your Twitch channel, YouTube, etc. without Rahhzay's permission.
  • Do not ask Rahhzay if you can become a mod.

Thank you and everyone else for supporting the channel and making this a place where gamers can come together and enjoy gaming in a safe and friendly environment.

Breaking any rules will result in a warning from myself or a mod. Second offense will result in a time out. Continuence of such behavior will result in a permanent ban. Please do not argue or talk back to my mods.

If you feel you have been timed out or banned unfairly, feel free to contact Rahhzay or Littlevegeta via Private Twitch message to discuss. Do not discuss or complain about any disciplinary action in chat... doing so will result in a permanent ban.